25 Jahre Norbert Conrad GmbH
Norbert Conrad: "25 Jahre CONTRA – eine spannende Reise im speziellen Sicherheitsgeschäft… Danke!"
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ACTUAL state of the safety measures

CONTRA recorded the complete safety of your business processes and provides you with the findings in report form.

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Security advice and planning

We, CONTRA, are specialized in achieving security for people and/or values in companies, uncovering security gaps and implementing secure protection.

The managing directors Norbert Conrad and Silke Conrad started working as security consultants in 1996. They have many years of special experience in security management, investigations as well as commercial and insurance experience in trade and industry. CONTRA SECURITY REVISION NORBERT CONRAD GMBH was founded on April 1, 1999. For a quarter of a century, our customers have trusted in our knowledge and our commitment to organize the topic of security in a company- and industry-specific manner. We are proud and grateful to have been able to work with our customers and our team so trustingly over these 25 years and will continue to do so in the future.

Our team consists of specialists in the security industry, controlling and organization. All employees have many years of experience in supporting our customers.