Risk analysis

Risk analysis
Evaluation of the risk of non-life companies

CONTRA identified and assessed the risk of damage by companies to protect against burglary, assault and damage trust.

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Risk Analysis

Estimation of the company's risk of loss

CONTRA identifies and estimates the company's risk of loss for the protection of break-in, raid and infidelity.
Based on erected risk analysis a selective risk management can reduce or completely avoid expected damages.

Complexity of a risk analysis:

Identification of risks

  • Which expected dangers or loss occurrence do exist in objects, object contents and choice of goods of companies?

  • Does the company have an effectual security standard?

Analysis of risks

  • Which economical consequential damages can be avoided by identified risks?

Estimation of risks

  • The estimation of risks in a company is carried out in comparison to the identified risks and the expected consequential loss.

Risk analysis of external risk manager will help your company to make security holes transparent and to eliminate them by specific preventions.