Security concepts

Security concepts
Safety can be planned

Relevant safety measures against malicious attacks, as well as the safety of persons are to be understood superficially in our security concepts.

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The protection level of a security concept, which should be achieved, will be defined by the requests of the danger prevention in adaption to the operating procedure and in consideration of the insurance requests as well as the result of the risk analysis. Resulting different sectors of economy need different security concepts.

Security relevant measurements against malicious attacks as well as the person security are to be understood superficially in our security concepts.


Video systems

  • Planning and use of up-to-date video systems with integration into the alarm management from companies.

  • Use of video technique for the protection of objects and persons.

  • Use of video technique for the documentation of business processes (f. e. goods movements in warehouses).

Burglary alarm systems

  • Planning of burglary alarm systems for objects, with circuit-entering to a VdS-certificated control centre.

  • Connections between burglary alarm technique and video technique as a specification for the raiser of protection systems.

Access controls and locking systems

  • Planning of electrical, mechanical and combined access systems.

  • Preparation of locking plans or access authorization plans as a base for raisers of access systems.

Vehicle protection

  • Security concepts for movable objects.

  • Vehicle protection with support by alarm-GPS-systems and circuit-entering to a control centre.

  • Mechanical vehicle protection for prevention against break-in and theft.